The Fractured Empire

Journey into the Mines

The weary travelers Balsatra, Hal, Kira, and Lyman find themselves in a strange military stronghold named Guardian’s Pass. They are bound to the stronghold until what the military leaders decide what to do with them. This is just one tale of their time there:

“Lyman, the House Bard of Galavant’s Inn, it has a nice ring to it. At least now, I have a comfortable place to call home while we’re stuck in this place, " thought Lyman as he strolled with his companions through the streets of Guardian’s Pass less Hal who had some sort of fit. “Now on to this tax collector Orlen to see what Jobs he may have for us.” The party approached the appointed destination and saw the swindley man. You can pick his type out in any town. The group approached him and found he did in deed have some work to do, clearing out some mine that has been closed down for some odd years… seems like pointless work… clearing closed mines out of creatures who will likely just be replaced in a few months. I guess if we remain here, it’ll continue to be a paying job. He directed us to get supplied from Corina Theren so we ventured forth to see what this Corina had to offer. We get to this shop where we meet Corina and her sister Felice. Corina was a total prude, but Felice seemed nice enough. Offered to buy some of our stories as she is a writer. Corina on the other hand, wanted to charge an arm and a leg for a simple healing drought. So we passed on that but then were greeted by a strange little fella named Goll. Who after some persuasion allowed us to enter his shop. Once in the shop he seemed to be talking to someone, but strolled around the shop giving us all custom equipment that was highly customized to our own uses. Very strange indeed.

We set off for the mines, and encountered Soltar, a Fencing master from the officer training school. He was inspecting the mine entrance and seemed to be fairly worried about what awaited inside. He joined us as we entered the mine and proved very capable and useful. We immediately found the corpses of the other parties that were paid to clear the mine out… and started to see oddities such as traps, lots of traps and strange cloaking creatures who clung to the ceiling, including one thing that almost took me out… as it smashed onto my head. We fought our way through and cleared the things out, disabled some traps and entered a second level which we encountered green spiked creatures and a few bug bears. I took control of one of the bug bears to give us an edge in the battle, and he made himself quite useful until we went through a trapdoor and he ran straight to the leaders… i should have been more clear in my instructions i suppose… may Klarg rest in peace as he was burned alive by some trap. On this final level there was a wizards, a summoner, and several minions. The summoner made some water serpent attack us while the wizard sorta just ran around. I kept them at bay as much as possible while the group cleaved their way through the minions. The wizard eventually got out of my area of control and started opening a portal which Balsatra luckily interrupted and saw a glimpse into a world of interesting decor, including dragons carvings, and lots of gold and red colors. I was hoping to keep the wizard alive but it was torn apart by the summoner’s fiend… we at least got the summoner to be bound and brought them back to the city.

Oh and Soltar has a kick ass sword…


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