The Fractured Empire

Plots Within Plots:

Multiple session break down

Last log was when you all cleared out the quarry.

I’ll break these up by plots and please feel free to add specifics that your notes have.

New Canin
- Before you guys left you saw the church of Ariex was actively fighting the forces of Bertrand the Benevolent.

- All victims believed to be from the western side of the Pass until Abigail Therens mutilated body was discovered by Franks the Halfling, hanging from a light post.
- The biggest common thread between the victims was that they were all had a patron in Lady Madesta.
- Lord Madesta was having an affair with Abigail.
- Abagail went missing from of the the Madesta parties.
- Victims all had the symbol of the faceless Queen carved into their bodies. Info on the faceless queen was discussed with Abigails sister, Felice
- Mysterious goo with what look like body parts that have fallen off were discovered by Balsatra in the Madesta master bedroom and in an alley of the Western Pass where a murder took place and was kind of seen by Fennrick; “There was a really skinny man”. Both sets of goo contained Blond hair. Sample of the goo given to Paladin Sylvan Jastra at the Temple of Liandra after he said that it looked otherworldly.

Taerian Delegation:
- Arrived in the Pass to renew trade negotiations.
- Plot to steal An’Desh healing stone discovered and thwarted by the Party. Balsatra seen by man in throne while a terian agent attempted to teleport away
- Taerian Delegation actively searching for Balsatra.
- Party defeated a clay golem created by the Taerians and saved Angelik Vieren. Balsatra is her hero.
- Taerian delegation last seen being taken into custody by Lord Govornor Talvas for questioning along with Lord and Lady Purite.
- Goll the Tinkerer – admitted that he was once Terian and had taught them how to create the golems but refused to show them how to fully enslave a soul.

The Gangs of the Pass
- The Party has befriended Samuel Trexium, Zilah, and the Blades in the neutral Zone after helping Zilah murder Kennel Master Luthias. Orlen admitted to trusting Sammuel.
- The Party is attempting to play the cult of Andesh against Kieren Rathal’s Nobles.
- Kieren Rathal is selling a drug that will let people experience others memories.

Balsatra’s Wild Ride
- Made contact with the Alchemist Apprentice Durden and has shown him a formula for creating a detox drug.
- Has started to unlock his potential and mend what broken parts of his mind/body were shattered in New Canin

Lyman;s Notoriety
- Hates Yolo Swaggins the greatest Bard in the Realm.
- House Bard at Galavants with back up provided by Balzadar Deep
- Wanted by the gangs for the Murder of Kennel Master Luthias.
- Kicked in the door of poor unsuspecting mourners. Temple district not a fan.

Hal Finding Religion
- Was approached by Kojima of the Temple of Ariex to find the followers of Ariex a new home as well as the gods successor
- The God Pike showed how Kojima had sent him on this quest while at the time manipulating his family through his elder brother, who is spreading the teachings of Ariex in Triton City. Told his son and ex- wife that he was dead.
- The God Pike offered Hal a path to Justice if he proved himself to him. Hal failed by letting a bunch of peeps get their throats slit. To make up for it, he must do what he can to bring about as much order as possible to the Pass.
- Hal also trying to track down a shipment of drugs from New Canin

The Skallar
- Goll admitted they existed and he knew them but when pressed asked for proof from the party that they were allies of the Skallar.
- Kira has been discreetly asking around.

Thunder Nugget
- Kira took first steps in becoming a pit fighting champion.


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