The Fractured Empire

The Pass - The Path you Paved

Before I dive into the write up I wanted to show you decision trees as why certain things shook out the way they did based on your decisions. Those events you took no part in or were “locked” do to other decisions will not be shown here.

Aya’s investigation: You did not lie.
1) Were allowed to walk around the city with no hidden escort.
2) aya was able to complete her investigation quicker and return to the pass.
3) Aya able to free Goll and alert Empire’s Military as to Talvas’ ineptitude.

Galavants: By not acting a fool in this establishment.
1) Lyman able to secure himself a steady Gig as House Bard and made an Ally in Balzadar Deep.
2) Balsatra Gained access to Durden and obtained a criminal contact and a supply of alchemist supplies.
3) Was Given knowledge about the current ruling structure of the Pass.
4) Dealings with Karl and Frank were not as difficult.
5) Kira becomes known as Thunder Nugget in the fighting pits.

Theren Family Shop: Being nice to a “touched” old man, a book worm, and a bitchy sister.
1) Goll took to the team and gave them weapons he had created with the help of his “little Friends”
2) Abigail made nervous by Goll’s kindness and took more of an interest in the Party. She contacted Orlen Farrick about the Party.
3) When the time came, Felice opened up her hidden cache of old world books and provided information on the Faceless Queen.

Clearing Out The Mine: Excepting Orlens offer.
1) The party took pressure off of him from the higher ups. He hoped that the mine would be cleared out but your numbers dwindled.
2) Befriended Soltar and a minor ally in the military.
3) Prevented Taerians from gaining a sample of the An’Desh living stone.
3a) Took the goblin shaman alive. Shaman provided Soltar and by extension, Talvas needed information in regards to Taerian plot.
4) Balsatra seen through the portal by a Taerian Noble.
4a) Taerian delegation actively looking for Balsatra to silence him
4b) Durden attacked by members of the Taerian delegation looking for Baslatra.
5) Invited to Madesta Ball.
6) all Party members survive. Abagail fakes her own death and speeds up her timeline.
7) Lord Madesta hands Lady Madesta over to Orlen. Doppleganger takes her place.
8) Lord Purite murdered by Doppleganger and Orlen.

Madesta Ball:
1) Lyman charms Lady Vieren – Gain an ally in the merchant noble class of the Pass. Agrees to share info with Lyman.
2) Hal bonds with Lord Vieren – Gain ally in the military as well as a friend in the investigation for drug shipment. Lord vieren cracks down on security in the docks.
2a) Lord Vieren and his men catch Nestor Zilan moving smuggled goods.
2b) Deal was struck between Nestor and Lady Vieren. Nestor is to keep an eye on the party and interfere on their behalf should they find themselves in deep shit.
3) Hal dances with Lady Purite – Lord Purite becomes jealous. Sparks suspicion from his wife as to change in behavior. Keeps her guard up around her husband.
4) Balsatra snoops – discovers affair between Lord Madesta and Abagail. Finds stange goo in the walk in closet of Lord Madesta’s master bedroom.
5) Kira – befriends Angelik Vieren – Gains ally in anti Talvas faction. Endears the party to Felice Theren and Soltar more.
6) Balsatra and team save Angelik form Taerian golem. – House Vieren is a staunch ally.
6a) Lord Vieren prevents party from being arrested by Talvas.
6b) Information provided by party and Goblin Shaman convince Talvas to take the Taerian Delegation in for questioning.
7) Trying to rid himself of the Party, Orlen tells them that they should travel to other side of the pass and meet with Sammuel Trexium in hopes they will meet their end there or drop the murder investigation all together and join Sammuel’s mercs for better pay.

Western Pass:
1) The party turned down Samuel’s offer to join him as a mercenaries for the neutral zone.
1a) This made the blades curious in the party.
1b) Zilah gained a bit of respect for the party. Did not trust them though.
1C) Sammuel decided that the party could not be trusted if not under his control.

2) The party took an interest in the murders and was kind to Fennrick. Balsatra gains more goop.
2a) Zilah began to trust the party.

3) The party killed Kennel Master Luthias.
3a) Zilah trusted the party as they were good guys.
3b) Fennrick and Lilith refused to spy on the party for Sammuel.
3c) Party gained notoriety in the pass and lower tiered thugs and thieves let them be.
3d) Blades send Harllo to aid the party against the cult. Samuel is unaware.

4) Party shows respect to the Dutchess and does not insult the Orcs 2×. They also do not interfere with her plans.
4a) She does not order their deaths after the destruction of the Cult of An’Desh’a
4b) She actively tries to defend innocent folks during the riot.

5)Party Aligns themselves with the Clerics of the Temple district.
5a) Party able to destroy the cult of An’’Desh’a with decreased difficulty.
5b) Party trick the cult and Kieren into open warfare. This decreased the difficulty as well and made sure that more clerics survived the assault on the cult, and aid them against Kieren Rathal.
5c) Party gains valuable information about doppelgangers present in the Eastern Pass.
5d) Potential pandemic of Lavavoth worm disease averted as Clerics can destroy it.
5e) Sammuel dives deeper into his dark pact. Places a bounty on the parties head. Starts gearing up for war. Has decided the Dutchess and the party must go.
5f) The blades actively protect the party under the guise of keeping order in the Neutral Zone.
5g) Party gains access to Lt. Veren as an ally against Kieren Rathal.
5h) Lyman learns about the potential name and whereabouts of his father from Cleric Falnor and Soul keeper Malick.

6) Party kills Kieren Rathal.
6a) Faceless queen plot to weaken the pass discovered. Faceless queen knows the party’s faces (altar eye)
6b) Necromantic drug ring detroyed.
6c) Party does not interfere with Dutchess and Sammuel. More bonues points with dutchess.
6d) Party evacuates innocent folk from Kieren Rathal’s territory. Blades are now a firm ally.
6e) Due to location and destructive nature of clerics and failed attempt by the party to be stealthy, Talvas made aware of Lt. Veren’s actions. Western pass placed on lockdown.
6f) Sammuel attacks the Dutchess.
6g) Abigail and Orlen decide they need to assassinate the nobility and Talvas before leaving. Doppelganger agents set loose. Felice kept alive to be sacrificed away from the pass.
6h) Lord Madesta connection to faceless queen and no affair ever reported. Lord Madesta murderer by wife/doppleganger with no issue. Trade contract documents lost to the Pass.

7) Escape from the Werstern Pass:
7a) Weakened power structure allows Nodius to try and take the Pass for himself
7b) Party allies with the blades to evacuate innocent folk to the Temple district.
7c) Balsatra stops Sammuel from killing the Dutchess.
7d) Lyman charms sammuel into fighting Nodius. the party is able to save Zilah and Fennrick from Sammuel. Pellar agrees to flee with them. A fight with Sammuel is averted and slows down Nodius and his troops allowing more people and Sammuel to escape.
7e) Hal And Kira break the Neutral Zone blockade, allowing Nestor to see his chance and help get the party and the people to safety through Sammuels underground tunnels. More people are kept safe and Lyman steal Sammuels Tome.
7F) Party able to hold off Nodius long enough for help to arrive in the form of a huge black wyvern ad the military to teleport in.
7g) friendship with Soltar and alliance with Clerics allow the party to reach the Eastern Pass by way of a secret portal in the Temple of Nepthira.

8) The party Saves lady Purite:
8a) Due to Hal inadvertently showing Lady Purite the change in her husband, she survived initial assault by her doppelganger husband. Shipping routes to the Pass are still secure.Lady Purite in their debt.
8b) Doppelganger threat neutralized.
8c) Party misses a chance to prevent Orlen’s attempted assassination of Lord Talvas. Talvas already paranoid about Taerians and Military arrival. He survives.

9) Party chase down Orlen.
9a) Party unable to interfere with the fighting in the mines.
9b) Orlen taken alive and being brought to the Bastion.
9c) Abigail escapes.
9d) Felice recovered.


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