Geoff "Hal" Halford

Human Eldritch Knight


Knight of the An’Desh Empire: Rewarded with citizenship and under the patronage of Lady Aya.

Has a connection with the God of the Andesh and is currently training in the Ways of The Temple. He has agreed to train in order to become one of their number in the pursuit of Justice, but has been informed that he will not be entered as a Cleric or Paladin. Instead, he must find his own strength.
Inquisitor Enir and Sister Sh’Kin are training him in the Tenants of the faith as well as his body to fight the evil, that is always present in the world. What should take years, they are squeezing into one month.

Has an adopted Tiefling son, named Pellar. Pellar has been informed that he has been chosen by an unknown god to become a Paladin.

His Superior Officer is Delilah Cross – as a member of the Order Of The Crow


Geoff "Hal" Halford

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