Guardians Pass - The Neutral Zone


The Neutral Zone started as an experimental call for Order within the Western Pass. An outspoken Tavern owner by the name of Samuel Trexium and Lieutenant Veren of the Western Pass Section of the Fortress recognized that they could not stop the daily bloodshed between the gangs with their limited resourced. Instead they offered the gangs a safe place where they could conduct business free of retaliation. If any member was caught breaking the non-combatant rules they were executed on the spot with no relation. If retaliation was on their minds the military was under obligation to intervene.

However, once Lord Talvas learned of this, he imprisoned Lieutenant Veren and shut the program down, forbidding any military personal from leaving their posts. Lieutenant Veren would eventually be freed and returned to his post by order of Lord general NaRill of Empress Nadine’s court but by then Samuel had turned to other, mysterious,powers to aid him and the Neutral zone remains in tact but out of fear instead of cooperation.

Samuel Trexium – Self proclaimed Guardian of the Neutral Zone and owner of the Laughing Crow’s Tavern.

UPDATE: Does not seem to trust the party anymore as he views their actions with the clerics a betrayal of his hospitality and trust.

Zilah Barlowe – As skilled Bounty Hunter and Samuels enforcer.

A firm friend of the Party as they help aid her in killing Kennel Master Luthias.

Veera and Old Franklin – Local bone saw and healer.

The Urchins – What Remains of the Orphans of Guardians Pass
Led by Perron Haller they act as Samuel’s eyes and ears in the Neutral Zone.

Perron Hallar

- Despises Hal.




Guardians Pass - The Neutral Zone

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