Guardians Pass - the Temple District


Started by the Church of Pike as a form of outreach to the unfortunate denizens of the Pass as well as a deterrent to the Cult of An’Desh’a, the temple district has become synonymous for safe haven and protection. Unfortunately this territory is dwarfed by thos e that the gangs still hold.

Aken-Ra – High Priestess of the Church Of Nepthira

UPDATE: Appears to be the head of the Clerical conclave in the Pass. Nothing is known about her connection to Soltar, but he claims that she is a trustworthy ally.

It is the church of Nepthira with its teachings of the beauties of peace and life that have made it the “Face” of the temple district, boasting the largest congregation and temple in the Southern region of the world.

Cleric Falnor – Cleric of Pike

UPDATE: Has promised what aid he can to the party in their upcoming battle with Kieren Rathal. While Falnor will follow Aken-Ra’s lead it is apparent that he is bent on following his gods tenants and will not be sway when Justice is one mace swing away.

The church of Pike has tasked itself with protecting the Temple district as well as eradicating any gang members that they should find harming the citizens of the Pass. They have struggled to come to any for of agreement with Lord Talvas and as such have deemed him useless to their cause. Frequently they request that the Empress remove him from office.

Paladin Sylvan Jastra – Paladin Of Liandra

UPDATE: Has become a font of magical information for the party. While there appears to be a distance between him and the rest of the conclave, he too follows Aken-Ra’s leadership.

The temple of Liadra opened its’ doors in the temple district with one goal in mind. They would offer an alternative to the severity of the Church of Pike and the unbound compassion of the Church of Nepthira. With this in mind, the church of Liandra has been doing what it can to help those trapped in gang controlled territories escape to a better life or fight if no other option allows.


Guardians Pass - the Temple District

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