The Gods

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Elven Gods

Pike – Elven God of Justice, War, and Spiritual Strength

Once a mortal man and cleric of the An’Desh gods known as the Twins, he left his homeland and through his actions acquired many names. In the Holy City of Valsunor he was called the Protector, in Avernia, the Destroyer, and in the Ethereal Realms, the God Slayer.

Following the Destruction of the world and death of his Gods, Pike ascended into Godhood over the An’Desh people. His rise was quick in violent, leaving a wake of dead gods in his path. Notable being Volis, human/Illithid god of Madness, Ba’Rai, Elven goddess of blood, and aided in the destruction of Ariex, god of War.

He became the god of Balance, Justice, and War for the Elven peoples. He is often depicted in art and sculpture as a snarling dire wolf clutching scales in his bared teeth or a hooded and armored figure carrying a spiked mace in one hand and a large chain in the other.

As in life, to the Elven people he is both revered and feared, as his wrath divine wrath is know to be swift and final. Due to his tenants of self restraint spiritual balance he is sometimes referred as the God of Chains.

Allied with:
Liandra: Elven Goddess of Magic and Travel (Wife)
Arissa: Mortal Goddess of Death and Space
Lendar: Mortal God of Time and knowledge
Huldera: Eleven goddess of the Hulderans, Wisdom, warriors, and Ice.
Vea: Mother Goddess of Creative Darkness

Liandra – Elven Goddess of The Moon, Magic, and Travel

Once a mortal woman, Liandra ascended to godhood following the destruction of the world. While her husbands wrath tore at the foundation of the gods, Liandra did all she could to evacuate the denizens of the world to the Elemental Planes. She was instrumental in brokering the temporary habitats of all rescued races with the Elemental Dragons.

In the Elven pantheon she is highly respected for intellect as will to see peaceful solutions be reached among the Elves. The Elves pray to her for safety while traveling the worlds and those that study magic pray to her for guidance.

While she is a peaceful god she does not shy away from the hard decisions for the greater good. She tends to agree with her husband more often then not. It has been joked that she holds the leash of the Wolf.

Bannteth – God of the Desert and Endurance

Ba’Rai – Goddess of Blood and Bloodlines – Deceased

Lillander – Elven God of The Sun and Protection

Lillander was the First Elven god created by the Mortal God Aradain to by one of his companions and servants. However as his power grew and the other Elven gods were created and their people placed in the world, he determined that he was no longer a simple servant. Lliiander gather his fellow Eleven Gods and rebelled. This rebellion did not end in bloodshed but with each Mortal God taking one of the Eleven gods as their protege.

Raia – Goddess of Light, War, and Truth – Lillander
Lendar – God of Knowledge and Time – Vulnar (deceased)
Arissa – Goddess of Death and Space – An’Desh (deceased) Now Pike
Aradain – God of Magic – Silvara (deceased) now Liandra
Carnassis – God of Chaos – Sembrial
Ariex – God of War – Ba’Rai
an on and on….

Lillander was the only original Elven god to live through the worlds destruction, by taking his people out of the world and into the Elemental Plane of Fire before Lavavoth touched ground. This has caused a fall from grace and power as the new gods resent him for his cowardice in not fighting against the old enemy.

Cypria – Goddess of Nature

Huldera- Eleven goddess Ice, Honor, and Wisdom

Volis – God of Madness – Deceased

Volis was the “Son” of Ariex as he was aided by the God into ascension in the old world. He spent the majority of his time spreading madness as discord through out the realms. He also hated the God Argemmon Son of Raia and god of Resurrection and wanted nothing but to see him killed. this resulted in numerous kidnappings, and torturous imprisonments for the benevolent god.

When not trying to murder his enemy, he would scheme with Ariex and Ba’Rai to steal the power of the Sleeping Goddess Vea out from under the An’Desh, resulting in countless wars.

During the destruction of the World, Volis saw an opportunity to settle the score. He finally managed to murder Argemmen for good as Raia and was trying to stave off Lavavoth. With that done he attacked the fleeing An’Desh and Hulderan people. This would prove to be his downfall as Pike and Vendarus (Demi gods and Successors to the godhood mantle) were there to greet him. Volis was slain.

There have been whispers that another has taken on the mantle of the God of Maddness as well as the name.

Raia – Goddess of Light, Truth, and War

Raia has always been known for her compassion throughout the many realms. To ask for aid in a temple of Raia meant that your needs would be met with compassion as long as you offered the truth of your predicament.

Following the kidnapping of her son Argemmen by the hands of Volis, prior to the destruction of the world, she took on the warrior aspect of her divinity and took the way to both Volis and Ariex. She saved her son but was unable to defeat her brother and nephew. Since then her church has been been taking a more active role in the battle against “evil”.

Nepthira – Goddess of Life and Healing

The Mortal Goddess of life, harvest and healing. When Raia became more and more warlike following the death of Ariex, it was Nepthira who took on more of the healing aspects of the world.

Arissa – Elder Goddess of Death and Space

The second oldest god in the mortal Pantheon, Arissa was the first to recognize her mother’s (Vea) madness and spirited both her and her Twin brother Lendar to safety within her shadowed robes that she stole from her mother. Her siblings would later create a world and inhabit it with the races that befit them. Arissa and Lendar had no inclination to do so, and instead focused their efforts in preventing Vea from destroying them.

Recognizing that their siblings exuberance in creating life left the world open to chaos, they imposed strictures. While Lendar manifested Time, Arissa added a finality to life (death). She agreed to take in the souls that her siblings cast aside and so created necropolis’ to house them.

Much to her chagrin, her younger brother Aradain, created the Elven races as protest to her and Lendar’s “Rules of Order” as they would outlive any of the races that currently existed. Sensing the danger these tribes could cause the shorter lived races, each of the Mortal Gods took one of the Elven gods under their tutelage. Arissa would eventually agree to be the patron of the An’Desh if in their aspect of keepers of balance they agreed to be the custodians of Vea’s prison, as they were the only tribe that she believed could withstand the madness that would emanate from the sleeping mother.

To this day, the An’Desh and Arissa have kept their alliance strong. So strong in fact that many An’Desh revere her along side their own deity.

While she has some Necromancers are a part of her Temple she despises those that disrupt the balance of death for personal gain. Over the centuries she has utilized mortals to hunt down and destroy these evil men and women as well as the abominations they create.

Lendar – Elder God of Time and Knowledge

Vea – Elder Goddess of Creation and Drakness – Shadow

Know as the Mother Goddess, Vea was the first astral power to gain sentience. From her darkness she birthed many gods, but was driven into murderous madness as a result, and attempted to devour her children. The Mortal gods united to imprison her her until her madness ceased.

She was buried deep within the earth beneath Avernia, the home of the An’Desh elves, who would act as her jailer as well as protector. For centuries her mad dreams leaked into the land corrupting it and acting as a beacon for darker powers that wished to obtain it.

It wasn’t until the end of the An’Desh unification wars, that the Cleric Pike and the Sorceress Liandra broke the seal and released her. Her madness gone, she acts as a distant matriarch to her children.

Carnassis – Goddess of Chaos

Aradain – God Of Magic
Brother of Ariex and Rhea – Created the Elven Races

Other Gods
Argreski – God of Gnomes and Dwarves

The Ethereal Empirium Triumvirate – God of the Ethereal Plane


The Gods

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