The Skallar

What is this?


Notes gathered.

1) Their symbol is a Raven in flight clutching the hilt of a dagger in one talon and the blade of another in its other one.

2) Viewed as a child’s story or the Boogey men of An’Desh.

3) Per Kattar’s journal a group he believed to be the Skallar, flew on black scaled Wyverns, and had brought the Cult Of An’Desh’a’s rebellion to an end. This appeared to be a shared sentiment by some local graffiti artist in the Pass that had carved into a stone home, the crudely drawn symbol of the Skallar followed by “Cultists get what they deserve”.

4) Soltar was caught by Kira doodling the symbol on a napkin in Galavants.


The Skallar

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