The Fractured Empire

The Cleansing Of The Pass

" And so it was that the Outsiders were witness to An’Desh justice. A dark time spread across Guardians Pass, with every swinging hang mans noose, those who once brought only pain, in death brought a sense of hope. Hope for the future of the Pass and all its peoples. Yet this left a bitter taste in the mouths of the intrepid heroes that brought this peace to pass." an excerpt from The Outsiders ~ by Yolo Swaggins

After bringing the unconscious body of Orlen Farrick, to Lord General Na’Rill of the An’Desh Empire, the party with Felice, were ordered to return to Galavant’s and remain there until sent for. If they were attempt to leave the city, they would be killed.

They were well tended by Galavant and did what They could to help ease the mind of Felice who had been betrayed so completely by her sister, as she was almost sacrificed by her to the Faceless Queen. Also, in the tavern, Balsatra, ran into Durden, who had been attacked by the Taerian delegation and his master killed, in their search for the Dwarf. Durden was now the defacto head Alchemist for the Military city, but promised to keep his business deal with Balsatra in Place. Genk was there as well along with her dog Drool. Suprisingly, she was accompanied by a few Orcs dressed in Human barbarian Armor. “Her New Clan”. She thanked the party for all they did for her and left the Tavern. To where, no one knows.

Over the course of a few weeks, the party watched as the An’Desh Military and the Clerics of Pike began rounding up an arresting any gang members remaining from the battle of the city. It was during this time that the party witnessed the Dutchess and her remaining followers being led to the stockades. While she looked resigned to her fate, this did not sit well with the party, as she and her followers, twice intervened on their behalf as they escorted citizens to the Temple district during the battle.

It was in the Western Side of the Pass that they also witnessed the two sides of the Church of Pike. Having only, met Cleric Falnor and his clerics, they were in for a shock when they saw the brutally efficiency of the the Clerics doing the hunting, under Inquisitor Enir Kamos, as Paladin Kalvar Rrakesh, did all he could to see to the innocent people affected by the tragedy that struck there home, going so far as to oversee a temporary hospital with the Temple of Nepthira, and constructing temporary housing for those displaced.

Once again returning to the Laughing Crow Inn, the Party was pleased to see that Zilah had taken ownership of the pub, and along with the Blades were warmly welcomed by all. Sammual had gone missing and no one knew where to.
Lyman, purposed a business proposition to Zilah, and they came to an agreement that Lyman could be a silent partner, working toward buying shares of the Inn, but never enough to become the primary shareholder. They renamed the Inn “Smileys”.
Balsatra turned into a monkey and provided a bit of entertainment for the crowd.
Hal took to speaking with the moody Teifling, Pellar, and trying to act as a father figure to him, much to the confusion of all.
It was at this moment that Lyman produced Sammual’s book, which proceeded to burn the bard and shout in the minds of all in the bar to return it to its owner. Inquisitor Enir, who happened to be in the Inn, took the book and healed Lyman. From there the party watched Enir gather up all the clerics and create a summoning circle, using the book as a focus. They summoned a very injured Sammual, and Enir proceeded to break all his fingers and jaw, before taking him into custody.

Over the next few weeks, daily Hangings took place in front of the Fortess, overseen, by the Lord General, Na’Rill. The party chose not to watch these until it came to the day Sammual, was hung. Sammual said nothing to the party, yet made sure his eyes never left his as he died. Hearing that the Dutchess would be hung on the following day, the party requested and audience with the Lord General. After quite a bit of persuasion and impassioned speeches, the Lord general, agreed that the if she agreed the Dutchess would be exiled “In secret” but her Orcs had committed crimes and at least half would need to answer for that.
Escorted by Lt. Vieren, the party spoke with the Dutchess in the dungeons and told her of their plan. Due to the love she had for her followers, she refused. However, the very orcs she was willing to sacrifice herself for, stood up and volunteered to be hung to meet the deals requirements. The following day, half of the Dutchess’ orcs were hung but were met by salutes by Lt. Vieren, the Blades, the party, and even Cleric Falnor, who once counted them as enemies. Tom Harlo, of the Blades then quetly told the party, that the official, story, was that the Dutchess, “died in prison due to sickness.” She was actually escorted out, with here remaining Orcs by the blades and set free into the Wilds.

The following Day Orlen was hung, and his soul claimed by a spirit serpent, like Kieren Rathal before him. He offered only a warning to those in attendance. “the Faceless Queen would have all there souls, when this was all over.”

A week later the party was called back into speak with Lord General Na’Rill. They were greeted by the Lord General, Lt. Veren, Lord and lady Vieren, and Lady Aya. Here they were informed that Lt. Veren would be taking over the Military command of the City and Lord Vieren would be taking over as Governor of the Populace. Due to the death of Lord Madesta by the doppleganger, the gang leader, Nestor Zilan, who had been working in secret for Lady Vieren, to look out for the party, was elevated to the new Lord of Contracts for the city.
they were also informed that what remained of the Taerian delegation attacked the mines and managed to escape with a sample of the An’Desh living stone. This battle cost Soltar one of his arms.

Aya was also pleased to announce that the Empress herself, wished to thank the party for their efforts a invited them to the capital city of the An’Desh, An’lliuvi’an.


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