Book Of The Dead


The Deceased:

Lord Madesta – Merchant Guild Master – Deceased – Murdered by Doppleganger in the guise of his wife.

Lord Madesta is the grease that keeps the goods and gold flowing in the Pass. Also known as the “Keeper of the Contracts”. Known for throwing extravangant balls for the nobility and visiting Merchant Delegations, as well as his shrewd sense of business. He is married to Lady Madesta.

Note 1 – Balsatra – Also discovered a strange transparent “goo” that had bits of human anatomy floating in it, within the Lords Master bedroom closet.

Note 2 – Balsatra discovered that he was having an affair of mutual benefit with Abigail Theren.

Lady Corinne Madesta – Patron of the Arts and married to Lord Madesta – Deceased – Sacrificed to the Faceless Queen By her husband.

Beloved by both sides of the Pass, Lady Madesta is known for Patronage of the Arts and Skilled craftsmen of both sides of the pass, often providing the funds for Pass fees so that these good folk can introduce their talents to the merchants in hopes that they can earn enough to move their families to the other side. She was the one that first discovered Felice and Abigail. She also uses her husbands balls as a forum to raise awareness and money for those less fortunate.

Lord Purite – A Retired Knight of Valsunor – Deceased – Murdered by Orlen Farrick and replaced with a doppleganger

Known to be a man of simple pleasures and utter devotion to his wife, Lord Purite is a man high on life and enjoying his retirement from the Valsunor legions. He is skilled with a blade and will often duel those that he feel have besmirched his or his wife’ honor.

Note – He did not appreciate what appeared to him as Hal’s flirtations with his wife during their dance.

Kattar and Rinya – Cult Of An’Desh’A

Kattar and Rinya were just children when the Cult of An’Desh’a was at its peak and it’s influence spanned the entirety of the Western Pass. When the riots began and the fires consumed the western side their high Priestess was defeated. Officially Lord Talvas was given the credit for decimating the cult but some still whisper that it was the Skallar that brought them down. The renaming members fled to the defunct warehouse district and walled themselves in for protection. Kattar and Rinya became the undisputed Priest and priestess of the cult, enslaving those that are not An’Desh and murdering those that refuse to bend to their will.

UPDATE – Deceased. Killed by the Party and their corrupted territory claimed by the Temple district Clerics. Were not worshiping An’Desh’a at all but the void God Lavavoth. The cult has seemingly been eradicated..

Kennel Master Luthias – Slaver and Enemy of the Church

When the Cult of An’Desh’a was in its Prime Luthias was one of the richest slavers in the world and many more. The cult saw no need for any race other then their own and were more then willing to offer him droves of slaves to sell as long as they were given a cut of the profits. He had even opened up an Orphanage that he used as a front to sell the unsuspecting children off world and to interested parties in Taer. This changed when the Church of Pike opened it’s doors in the now Temple district. Father Falnor learned of this terrible institution in his world and together with his fellow clerics killed all the slavers under Luthia’s employ and burned the Orphanage to the ground. The orphans were then shipped off to Mother Levinia’s Orphange in Valsunor where the church offers hefty donations for their care and education. Since that day, Luthias has been in hiding as the Church of Pike still has a bounty on his head for death only.

UPDATE: Deceased – Killed by the party and Zilah when he dared proposition the party and make his presence known so close to the Neutral Zone.

Nodius Jiskal – An Ex patriot and skilled Strategist

The oldest surviving gangleader of the Pass. Once a brilliant strategist and warrior withing the Holy armies of Ariex, Nodius found himself without purpose when his god was murdered. Seeking only revenge he traveled to the land of the God Pike and its duplicitous peoples. Here he gathered other disenfranchised soldiers to his banner and began a war with the Cult of An’Desh’a. When the timing was right he and his soldiers lent their aid to the An’Desh military to destroy the cult then took much of its territory for his own. Out of all the gangs he hold the most territory and members. Those under his rule live a life of relative normalcy, despite the odd dark ritual and daily prayers to a long dead god.


Book Of The Dead

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