Druid Conclave


While most Druids prefer a life of solitude, in the An’Desh Druid conclave has organized is wide spread members into a cohesive and collective, to better serve the world they live. If fact, they are in many ways a political power in the world as a whole.

- Should a people wish to create a settlement in the Wilds, they must first seek the permission of the conclave before felling tree one. The Conclave will either agree or deny. If you do not follow their wishes, you will have the entire conclave after you. They are a separate entity of the Empire and Kingdoms, and so follow their own law.
- They also oversee any logging practices. Making sure that no land is permanently lost.
- Cultivate many rare herbs they Trade for other goods.

Gantar Stone Father – An’Desh – Circle of the Moon
Following the War with the Giants in the Northern Reaches. Gantar and what remained of his people left the Northern Reaches, leaving those who foolish wished to continue a war against nature to their own devices and offered no apology for doing so.

Sen Calluna – Cyprian – Circle of The Land
Founder of the Druid Conclave and Keeper of the Southern Wilds

Rolf – Minataur – Circle of The Shepherd

Yoren – Cyprian – Circle Of Dreams

Malfor Krum – Goliath – Circle of Twilight

Kel Myrack – Lillandrin – Enforcer
While the Conclave does not have a military, they do have enforcers that will bring law breakers to justice.


Druid Conclave

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