Guardians Pass - Galavant's

Owner of the most Popular Tavern in Eastern Pass


fights, gambling, and other fun inside bar. Haven for budding Entertainers.

Galavant – Pictured. Free spirited man with a large personality and friendly demeanor. Not a morning person.


The head Cabaret dancer and Madame of the Tavern/Inn. A strong woman with a heart of gold…No wait her heart is swayed by Gold. In the know for much of the illegal action in the nicer side of Guardians Pass. Stayed with Hal when he was suffering from a deadly fever to make sure that he made it through the night. She was paid, sure, but then again she did what was needed with little fuss.

Balzadar Deep Aka Half-Beard

Was once the resident bard of Galavants until Lyman Zerga emerged on the scene to claim the job for himself. Despite the initial tension between the two Lyman showed compassion and agreed to allow Balzadar to perform with him as a duo. Known as Half Beard after the eccentric Tinkerer Goll shaved half his beard as payment for a new Lute as the his old one was broken by Lyman. The beard will never grow back on that side.

Gregstopher “The Hammer” Deep

A Champion Pit Fighter of the Pass and brother to Balzadar. Last seen by the party, passed out drunk before he was to fight Kira for his title.


One half of the “working” duo of Karl and Frank Co. Frank is the workhorse of the duo, usually performing the manual tasks their LLC, has been contracted to perform. Frank is a fairly simple man, preferring to avoid complications of any kind and deffereing all negotiations and heavy “mental-lifting” to Karl. Last seen by the party cleaning up the blood stains left by Abigail Theren’s murder.


The second half of Karl and Frank Co. and “Face” of the company. Karl will not do anything without adequate payment. He is a Shrewd? or better yet uncompassionate businessman who lets gold do the talking and even then he offers not guarantee that any information supplied will be to the purchasers expectation. Last seen by the party overseeing Frank clean up the Bloodstains left by Abigail Therens murder. Found the body.


Guardians Pass - Galavant's

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