Guardians Pass

The First Fort


Lord Governor Talvas – Military Governor of the Pass – Pictured

Known as “Shouty Man” to the Party, Lord Governor Talvas is the undisputed leader of the entire city even though he has expressed and chose to ignore opposite side of the fort as all the inhabitants are illegally squatting on Military land. He see them as drain on resources, and a danger to men. By that thought process he has refused offer any assistance to them. He was a military hero during the breaking of the world and was granted his post by the Lord General NaRill of the An’Desh Empire.


Lt. Veren is the commander of the military forces currently deployed in the Western Side of the Pass.

- Known that Lord Governor Talvas is not a fan of his. Talvas had him imprisoned for disobeying orders following the first Cult of An’Desh’a revolt. He was released from prision due to a powerful influence in the Empire. He was stripped of his command in the Eastern side of the Pass and given the Western Bastion.
- There is a history with Sammuel Trexium but no one has discovered what yet.
- Is working secretly with the Clerics of the Temple district.

Lord Vieren – Noble Military Quartermaster

Lord Vieren is a soldier through and through. He owes his loyalty and allegiance to the An’Desh Empire and will do nothing to bring harm to his people, even at his own expense. He has very little patience for the “pageantry” that comes with his station and prefers to stick to the warehouse and dockside districts that he oversees.

Note 1 – It seems that he and Hal have a similar mindset and hit it off at the Madesta Ball.

Note 2 – Offered to keep an eye on the warehouse and dockside districts for the party as a thank you for clearing out the Quarry.

Lady Vieren – A lady of influence and knowledge

Unlike her husband, Lord Vieren, she lives for the great game that surrounds the Nobles and has made it her job to keep her husband and by extension, the An’Desh Empire well informed as to the machinations of the noble class of the Pass. Her loyalty is to the Empress Nadine as she was once her handmaiden prior to leaving the Capitol with her husband.

Note – Seems to have come to an understanding with Lyman. Mutual benefit in information shared.

Lady Angelik Vieren – Daughter of the Vierens

An outspoken decrier of Lord Governor Talvas. Preferring to call him the “son of a bitch.” She has worked closely with Lady Madesta to help the poor people of the pass. She is also the lover of Felice Theren. Like her mother, she tries to keep informed of the politics surrounding her daily life.

Note 1 – Trusts the Party because Kira spoke to her after she became distraught over Abilgails death and Balsatra protected her from the Taerian Clay Golem.

Lady Purite – Lady of the Rivers

Lady Purite is the head of all shipping in and out of the Pass. She is known as the “anti-noble” as she acts more like a sailor then a “Lady” of her station. One only meet her to know that this strong willed woman can and will see that her ships are always on time and ready to take on any obstacle and damn the expense.

Note 1 – Danced with Hal. Don’t think he expected anything that occured.

Felice Theren: Friend and Ally to the Party in Guardians Pass. Runs a magic and book store.

- Has a secret vault of Pre Apocalypse books and scrolls.


Interested in the connections of the different planes. Has maps and charts depicting the connections.

- Claims to have unseen friends that tell him or future events.

- Claims to know Skallar

- Last seen arrested as a suspect in the Serial murders.


Balsatra’s connection to alchemy supplies in Guardians Pass and general dealer for his drugs.

Was attacked by Taerians for his connection to Blasatra. Status Unknown.

Zilah Barlowe – As skilled Bounty Hunter and A firm friend of the Party as they help aid her in killing Kennel Master Luthias. Helped the Party Against Sammuel.

A firm friend of the Party as they help aid her in killing Kennel Master Luthias.

Nestor Zilan – The Many Hands – Notorious Thief and Smuggler

While Nestor is not one to utilize violence he is feared nonetheless. theft, money lending, and blackmail are his and his gang of halflings bread and butter. Currently he is set up in the Old Bank, where he and his gang guard their ill gotten goods with ferocity. At some point in time, all of the gang leaders have placed bounties on his head for the secrets he must know, and therefore he rarely shows his face in public. There is not a single smuggled product that makes its way out or into the city without the touch of gold in his hands.

UPDATE – Last seen by the party spying on them from a rooftop in the Dutchess’ territory and speaking into a ring, following the destruction of Kattar and Rinya.

The Dutchess – Leader of a large group of full breed Orcs that play at being Knights.

Once the daughter of a Noble Merchant house, she and her family found themselves ousted when Lord Madesta learned that her Father was doctoring the books so that they could earn extra profit at the expense of the Empire. Lord Talvas ordered her father executed by the hands of Lord Viren and she and the rest of the family exiled. Her mother and siblings relocated to the Western side of the pass where her mother quickly succumbed to illness as she did not have access to her needed medicine. Her siblings either died at the hands of the gangs or fled the pass to whatever life they could find. She refused to flee and gathering up the Orc bands that patrolled the outer areas of the territory to herself, built a formidable gang with the goal of Bringing Lord Madesta and the rest of the Eastern Pass to their knees.

UPDATE: Last seen following the destruction of the Kattar and Rinya’s cult. Wished to speak with the party in regards to their future plans in the Pass.

The Blades:

Annik Kula


- Considers the Party comrades in arms for the safety of the Pass.

Evindahl HoneyKissed


Perron Hallar

- Despises Hal.


Known as the First Fort, the Keep at Guardians Pass was meant to be the first line of defense from any invasion through the World Gate into the An’Desh Realm. It also serves as the training area for the An’Desh military.

It has since grown into a thriving city under Military Rule.

Guardians Pass

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