Taerian Merchant Delegation


Tomo Kai – Pictured – Richest Merchant in the Tearian territories

Saizo Kurien – Cousin to the Warlord Damus

Kakashi Ori – Bodyguard

Obito Nom – Onimancer


Every year the Taerians begrudgingly send a Merchant delegation to Guardians Pass in order to fulfill the obligation given to them upon the permission to settle a portion of their population to the realm. The Agreement being that they would supply armor component, a portion of any ore mined from their land and donation of rice and wheat to be given to the fortress’ larders. The Taerians have never missed their shipments or tried any form of deception in regards to this. “There is no benefit to us and our people to deny the materials required for the defense of this world.” – Warlord Keen.

However, every year they request a shipment of the healing Stone of the An’Desh and are denied. One might say that this is quite unfair. Yet if you knew the warlike nature and penchant for empire building of the Taerians, one could see the reason such a resource is kept far from their reach.

Taerian Merchant Delegation

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