The Faceless Queen


Her symbol is being carved on the heads of the victims killed in Guardians Pass.

Her Assassin: Kieren Rathal – Has an undying hatred of the An’desh, Huldreans, and the Party.

Priestess – Abigail Theren


It was during a dark period in the history of the An’Desh that the Faceless Queen seized her throne of power. The Ankarel dynasty, a cabal of sorcerers, had staked their claim amongst the turbulent An’Desh Dynasty nation of Avernia. It seemed that their Arcane might would shift the tenuous balance of the nations and lead to outright war instead of the seasonal skirmishes that had become the norm. But what they did not expect was an enemy from within. A powerful necromancer would gather her like minded allies and revolt against the current rulers. This resulted in a devastating civil war that weaken both sides and eventually split their territory between both sides. And so the Faceless Queen was born and her symbol of two intertwined, fanged, serpents, biting a blade, became known and feared. One interesting note, is that the Queen and her “Daughters” always had their faces hidden by intricate masks and so, one could never be sure if you were speaking to the same person.

Then came what would be later referred to as the Night of Knives. The Cleric Pike, beckoned home by his gods to finally free the long slumbering mother Goddess Vea and thus end the An’Desh’s long stewardship of her prison, and then heir to the Skral Dynasty Throne, Na’Dine, would form an alliance of assassins and heroes that would bring the current ruling structures of the An’Desh Dynasty nations to their knees. During this very long and bloody night, Nadine, confronted and killed the faceless queen and all of her daughters. It was believed that the Dynasty would be no more.

100 years passed and the Dynasty’s had forsaken “open” warfare, yet the infighting and squabbles remained. Once again, an individual claiming to be the Faceless queen swept through her old territory wielding greater power then her predecessor. The naturally un-trusting nations did not act quick enough and soon found themselves awash in a sea of undead bent on eradicating their existence. It was during this time that Nadine, claimed the title of Empress and united her people with as minimal bloodshed as possible. The war against the undead would be long and hard fought, resulting in the death of the Faceless Queen once again. Unfortunately it is unknown who actually dealt the killing blow.

It has been 600 years since the Faceless Queen died a second death and many of the new generation of An’Desh have remained ignorant of her history. That is until now.

The Faceless Queen

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